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X-ZONE Xtreme Muscle Rub 100ml Pot

X-ZONE Xtreme Muscle Rub 100ml Pot

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X-ZONE is a high potency muscle rub designed for athletes who continually push body and mind into the X-zone. It packs a punch when muscles, ligaments, tendons & joints come under intense stress load and heavy-duty support is needed, FAST. X-ZONE is for athletes who need to optimise muscle performance, warm up and recovery.  Our X-ZONE rub is in a cocoa butter base so could be described as an X ZONE cream.

X-ZONE Xtreme is not just for athletes but also for those with higher pain levels.  X-ZONE Xtreme Rub has 9 active ingredients including Harakeke (traditionally used in māori rongoā for pain relief), Kūmarahou and CayenneCayenne pepper contains a compound called capsaicin, which has be indicated as a topical pain reliever. 

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