Introducing Caden Pethig - BMX Champ (NZ/AUST)

Introducing Caden Pethig - BMX Champ (NZ/AUST)

Welcome to our Ambassador blog series, where we celebrate the diverse passions and pursuits of ordinary Kiwi's achieving the extraordinary. From athletes to artists and everything in-between, they embody the spirit of New Zealand through their shared love for their respective sports, activities, passions and occupations.

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6. Caden Pethig - BMX Champ (NZ/AUST)

Brief outline on who you are, your background, (occupation), where you live etc.

My name is Caden McKenzie. I am a young and enthusiastic active kid who loves all things on wheels. I live in Christchurch with my mum and our cat Moe.

What is your chosen sport/occupation/passion/interest/hobby? What attracted you to this? Why do you love doing it?

I am a competitive bmx racer. I have always loved biking, so after mucking round on the local BMX track during the covid pandemic in 2020 I decided to give BMX racing a go. I love the challenge of BMX with its speed out the gate, jumping skills and love hanging with my bmx mates just playing on the track and encouraging each other to get better.

What are the pros and cons of what you do? What would you consider your biggest achievement(s) to date? What would be your ultimate goal/dream/ destination/achievement?

The pros are I get to travel all round New Zealand and Australia doing what I’m passionate about and love and with my friends. The cons are it takes lots of skill and practice to jump and race fast, at times it can be a risky and dangerous resulting in crashes and injuries. It takes lots of training but I love my coach and learning from him, he is currently NZ#1 (17yr-24yr age group).

I am currently (2023) South Island #3 on Cruiser BMX, South Island #4, North Island #6, New Zealand National #8 and NZ National Series #3 within my age group in New Zealand. Australian National Series #7.

My biggest dream would be to be the best in my age group one day and became an Elite Rider competing all over the world. My short term goals is to compete in my age group at the World BMX Championships in Brisbane in 2026.

How does X-ZONE help you to achieve your goals?

It helps warm up my muscles before racing. Its good for recovery after lots of weekly training and has been amazing after minor crashes. It’s safe and natural and athletic kids like me can have a great product on hand in our sports bags which is quick and easy to apply. I love my X-ZONE Roll on!

Follow my journey as I progress my skills and reach for my goals
at my Instagram: bmxcaden_nz



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