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Below is a selection of a few of our more frequently asked questions about X-ZONE. If you don't see the question or answer you're looking for feel free to contact us.

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Why choose X-ZONE?

  • High potency, active Ingredients - all X-ZONE products contain between 11-14 high-potency Active ingredients to provide the highest efficacy potential and work with your body as Nature intended.
  • New Zealand Herbals - have played an integral role in our formulations since 2003, and we are convinced of their unique, healing properties. All X-ZONE products contain between 4-5 carefully selected traditional New Zealand healing plants including Harakeke, Horopito, Kaihikatea, Rata, Koromiko, Tupakihi, Kumerahou, Pukatea, Kareao, Puriri and Kowhai.
  • RELIEF, JOINTS & SPORTS Ranges - targeted herbal formulations designed to keep you pain-free, flexible and active.
  • 3 Delivery Formats - designed to match your lifestyle; Gel Rub, Roll-On and Spray.
  • Vegan. Not Tested on Animals.
  • First Light Flower Essences – all X-ZONE products contain a unique formulation of vibrational plant energies.
  • 100% New Zealand owned & operated.
  • Carbon Positive Certified - we source approximately 95% of our goods and services from within New Zealand and offset our carbon footprint via an accredited Carbon Neutral organisation. In 2022, 2.72 tonnes of carbon emissions were offset by paying for the planting of native New Zealand trees.
  • 100% Recyclable Sugarcane Packaging – approximately 43% our packaging is made from 100% recyclable sugarcane and we are continually seeking sustainable packaging alternatives.

Which X-ZONE product is right for me?

There are 3 categories of X-ZONE topical products; RELIEF, JOINTS and SPORTS.

  • X-ZONE RELIEF comes as herbal Rub, Roll On and Spray and is specially formulated for general aches, pains, bruises, swelling, sprains, growing pains and headaches. The three RELIEF products are mid-strength formulations and well-suited for children (over 5 years), adults and seniors. They contain between 12-14 high-quality Active ingredients, including 5 New Zealand native herbals (Harakeke, Horopito, Kahikatea, Rata and Koromiko). Perfect for the handbag/manbag, glove compartment, office, bedside drawer and First Aid kit.
  • X-ZONE JOINTS is a specially formulated herbal Rub designed to assist with joint mobility and stiffness. A higher-strength formulation, it contains 11 Active ingredients (including 4 New Zealand herbals; Tupakihi, Kumerahou, Pukatea and Koreao) traditionally used to relieve chronic joint pain / arthritis and assist mobility. Perfect for the handbag, glove compartment, bedside drawer, sports bag and backpack. Not recommended for children under 7 years.
  • X-ZONE SPORTS comes as herbal Rub, Roll On and Spray and is specially formulated to optimise muscle warm up and recovery. The three SPORTS products are higher-strength formulations and pack a punch when muscles, ligaments and tendons come under stress. They contain between 12-13 high-performance Active ingredients, including 5 New Zealand herbals (Harakeke, Kumerahou, Kowhai, Pukatea and Puriri). Perfect for the Sports/Gym bag, backpack, drybag and glove compartment. Not recommended for children under 7 years.

Which delivery format should I use: Rub? Spray or Roll-on?

The primary difference among the three formats (rub, spray, and roll-on) is the base they utilize. Although the ingredients are largely consistent, the rub utilizes a cocoa butter base, the spray is alcohol-based, and the roll-on combines both, incorporating a blend of cocoa butter and alcohol.

  • RUB (GEL/CREAM) - best option for those preferring to massage deeply into sore or aching muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Wash hands with warm, soapy water after use.
  • ROLL ON - super convenient and portable Roll-On applicator lets you massage muscles without getting product on your hands - perfect for the office, sports and active lifestyles.
  • SPRAY - ideal for those hard-to-reach places such as the shoulders, back and feet. Easily absorbed for fast acting relief. Perfect for those not wishing to get product on their hands.

What ailments could X-ZONE help with?

X-ZONE products are formulated using herbal ingredients, and as such, we are unable to make any claims as to their curative affects.Indigenous cultures from Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific, including Rongoa Maori, have traditionally used plants and herbs to assist with a wide variety of ailments, including inflammatory conditions. Since 2003, we have received both oral and written feedback from customers that supports the efficacy of our herbal products. Please refer to our Testimonial section. Each of the 3 X-ZONE product ranges is formulated using a targeted range of herbal ingredients, that may assist with the following:X-ZONE RELIEF - acute and chronic aches and pains, sprains, strains, bruises, swelling, lower back pain, growing pains, headaches. X-ZONE JOINTS - joint/vertebrae stiffness/inflammation, arthritis, (auto immune, degenerative), relating to knees, shoulders, back, neck, arms, hands, feet.X-ZONE SPORTS - pre-exercise muscle warm up, post-exercise muscle recovery.

How and when should I apply X-ZONE?

All X-ZONE products are topical, meaning they are designed to be applied externally to the surface of the skin i.e., they are for external use only. How to apply. For best results, we recommend applying a generous amount of X-ZONE, then massaging deeply into the target area(s). The amount will vary depending on the size of the muscle group/target area. However, as a general rule we recommend applying between 1-5ml of Rub/Roll On or 3-10 Spray impressions. To optimise efficacy, open the pores of the skin prior to application. This can be achieved either via exercise, a hot shower/bath, sauna or heated wheat bag.NB: for sensitive skin types or if prone to allergies, we recommend Patch Testing a small amount of X-ZONE. If skin sensitivity/reaction occurs, wash immediately with warm, soapy water.When to apply. As a general rule, it is preferable to use X-ZONE as a preventative measure, or early in the pain cycle, to reduce or manage inflammation before it has the opportunity to become persistent/chronic. - prophylactically or early in the pain cycle. - before & after exercise as a pre and post warm up/down. X-ZONE can be re-applied as required. In practice, up to 5 applications within a 24 hour period. Do not apply X-ZONE:- if you have sensitive skin or are prone to skin allergies. (Refer: What if I have Sensitive Skin?)- around eyes or sensitive body parts.- to broken or raw skin.- if pregnant or breastfeeding. Skin sensation.We find the sensation on the skin varies based on individual. It can be experienced as a cold or hot skin sensation, which intensifies when pores are open. e.g, following exercise, hot bath, shower or sauna.

What if I have sensitive skin?

We recommend avoiding contact with broken skin or sensitive areas like the eyes. For sensitive skin types, test on a small area first - if discomfort or irritation occurs, discontinue use and wash with warm, soapy water.

Is X-ZONE environmentally friendly?

We take looking after our planet seriously. We are carbon neutral certified by This includes offsetting 125% of our measured emissions by planting native trees. Where we can, we use the most environmentally friendly office supplies, ingredients and packaging. For example, we recently changed our spray bottles, and the bottle for X-ZONE JOINTS, to those made from 100% recyclable sugar cane.

Is X-ZONE natural?

Yes X-ZONE is made from natural ingredients, sourced locally in New Zealand wherever possible. Instead of parabens, we use Phenoxyethanol as a preservative in our products keeping them safe and stable. Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic ether alcohol, and usually appears as a colourless oily liquid. Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic chemical, however it can be found naturally in some plants, such as onions and endives. It's used in many personal care products as it has a low toxicity, and is an alternative to parabensX-ZONE ingredients are natural and many of our herbs are wild crafted, so the product appearance may vary slightly from batch to batch due to seasonal variances. The product may sometimes be a slightly darker brown colour (due to the herbal tinctures used) and leave a residue on light colored clothing. However, we have found they don’t leave a stain and the residue comes out in the wash.

Is X-ZONE suitable for children?

Yes, X-ZONE Relief is great for children over the age of 5 years playing sport, or for daily bumps and bruises. Not recommended to be used on children under the age of 5 years.

Can I use X-ZONE for massage?

X-ZONE products use a variety of high strength ingredients, so we recommended using them in conjunction with a carrier oil such as coconut oil for massage.

Is X-ZONE tested on animals?

We do not agree with animal testing, therefore, our products are not tested on animals. They are Vegan & Cruelty Free. Our philosophy of “do no harm” extends to animals, people and our environment.

Why does X-ZONE come in plastic pots?

When considering our packaging we researched all the options.  Glass is infinitely recyclable making it a great choice for packaging; however, it needs to be colour sorted in order to be recycled.  Unfortunately, in most areas of New Zealand, the trucks which pick up recycling, mix it all together, so much of it ends up in land fill. 

Our Rub pots are HDPE 5 (high-density polyethylene) and our Roll-on bottles are HDPE 2.  Both these materials are collected as part of the kerb side recycling program in New Zealand, and taken to recycling facilities, where they are sorted, cleaned, and processed into plastic pellets or flakes.  These can then be used to make new products such as plastic containers, pipes, and outdoor furniture (in the case of HDPE 5) and bags (HDPE 2). 

Our Spray & Joints bottles are made from Sugar Cane HDPE.  Sugar cane HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a type of plastic made from sugarcane ethanol, a renewable resource. This material is also known as bio-based plastic or bioplastic. There are several benefits of using sugar cane HDPE compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics. Here are a few: 

  1. Renewable resource: Sugarcane is a renewable resource that can be grown and harvested year after year, making it a sustainable alternative to non-renewable petroleum-based plastics. 
  2. Reduced carbon footprint: The production of sugar cane HDPE generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional petroleum-based plastics, due to the use of renewable energy in the production process and the carbon dioxide that is absorbed during sugarcane growth. 
  3. Recycling compatibility: Sugar cane HDPE can be recycled using the same methods as traditional petroleum-based plastics, which means it can be processed and reused in the same way. 
  4. Performance: Sugar cane HDPE has similar properties to traditional petroleum-based HDPE, which means it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as packaging, consumer goods, and automotive parts. 

Overall, sugar cane HDPE is a promising alternative to traditional plastics, as it offers environmental benefits and similar performance characteristics.

Sports Anti-Doping

1. Are herbal / plant-based topical products safe for athletes concerned about anti-doping regulations?

Yes, in the majority of cases, herbal/plant-based topical products are considered safe in terms of anti-doping sports regulations. Plant derived topical pain-relief and muscle warm up products, such as X-ZONE, primarily use natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts, which are not typically associated with banned substances.

2. Do herbal / plant-based topicals pose any risks of doping violations?

Generally, no. Most herbal/plant-based topicals do not contain the synthetic compounds or performance-enhancing substances that anti-doping agencies target. However, it is considered salient to review product labels and consult with healthcare professionals and regulatory bodies.

3. Are there any specific herbs or ingredients to watch out for?

While the vast majority of herbal ingredients are considered safe, we recommend athletes consult with a healthcare professional and their specific governing body or anti-doping agency to ensure ingredients are compliant. For a list of ingredients contained in specific X-ZONE products, refer to the 'Ingredients' dropdown on each product page, or more generally; 'About > Our Ingredients' section.

4. How can athletes ensure they are using safe herbal/plant-based topicals?

While herbal/plant-based topical products are generally considered safe, athletes should choose products from established, reputable companies and review ingredient lists. When in doubt, consult with a sports medicine specialist or the relevant anti-doping agency for guidance.

5. Are there any exceptions or variations in regulations across different sports organizations or countries?

Yes, anti-doping regulations can vary between different countries and sporting codes. Athletes should always check with their specific governing body or anti-doping agency for the most up-to-date and accurate information on banned substances and regulations in their sport.

At X-ZONE, we welcome enquiries from athletes, coaches and/or sporting bodies and are happy to provide further information.

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