About Us


Our first muscle recovery formulation was originally created for high-performance horses, due to a lack of natural, effective alternatives at the time. It was developed to assist racehorses and performance horses to recover from muscle soreness and injury, particularly following competition.

We didn’t test on animals but we did test on humans! Friends and family tested the formulation for efficacy… and loved the results. After repeated requests for “that stuff for the horses”, we took the hint and started creating products for humans.

Further experimentation, tests and trials led to the X-ZONE range of products for humans. Our testing led us to a unique combination of anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving ingredients that really worked. We then developed three different formats – rubs, roll on and spray – to make application easier. Our team are truly passionate about creating natural products that work to provide effective pain relief for the everyday New Zealander.

Our values and what makes us happy 

  • We've been friends since we met at primary school in West Auckland at 6 years old. Growing up with the beautiful Waitakere Ranges on our doorstep has given us both an appreciation for nature and it's healing properties.
  • We’re committed to helping our customers to optimise their lifestyle. There's no better feeling than hearing our products are genuinely improving lives or enabling peak performance!
  • We get out of bed every day with the aim of helping people to rise above their pain, re- experience well-being and achieve their life goals – achieving this makes us happy.
  • We love animals and only test our products on consenting humans.
  • Our philosophy of “do no harm” extends to all people, animals and the environment.

  • Jess Martin from X-ZONE New Zealand

    “I have always had an interest in health & natural products. When we discovered this product, we loved it so much that we bought the company. I get so much joy when a customer reports that our product has helped ease their pain & made their life easier. After we both completed a Rongoā course, we were inspired to add more magical NZ natives into our formulations which makes them truly unique.”

    Jess Martin,
    animal lover & nature enthusiast at X-ZONE.

  • Dan Holt from X-ZONE New Zealand

    “The problem with pain is that it makes us feel really
    insular, zaps our energy, and limits our ability to explore solutions. We’re certainly not so arrogant to think our products can remove all types of pain permanently.
    It’s more about reducing or limiting pain for a period of time, and allowing the headspace and energy to make positive changes to our lives.”

    Dan Holt,
    rhythm guitarist and amateur philosopher at X-ZONE.