Introducing JACK MOSER - musician, pianist, songwriter

Introducing JACK MOSER - musician, pianist, songwriter

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Brief outline on who you are, your background, occupation, where you live etc.

I recently moved to Auckland to pursue a full-time career in music. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 6 and have been playing almost every day since then. (15 years). Music is my passion.

What is your chosen sport/occupation/passion/interest/hobby? What attracted you to this? Why do you love doing it?

When I was 6, I was at a family function at my Aunty’s house, and I noticed she had a piano in one of her rooms. I then proceeded to individually ask every single person in the room if they could play the piano. It wasn’t long until I came across someone who enthusiastically said YES! Ian Voice. We then went into the room together and he started to play. I was mesmerised. Minutes later and everyone had moved into the piano room and like me, were mesmerised watching this guy play his heart out. That next Christmas, I asked for a piano for Christmas and I never stopped playing.

A good 10 years later, Ian suddenly passed away.

I had lost one of my heroes in life. I was distraught. His sister, (Vicki Lee) found out about my connection with Ian and decided to gift me his Baby Grand Piano that she had inherited. From then on, I was playing hours each day. It was a privilege. There’s also some special connection I have when playing and writing on Ian’s piano. I feel connected to him. Life has its ups and downs. I play the piano when I’m happy, and I play it when I’m at my lowest. It’s always there for me as a form of self-expression in a way that words can’t describe.

What are the pros and cons of what you do? What would you consider your biggest achievement(s) to date? What would be your ultimate goal/dream/ destination/achievement?

There’s not really any cons in playing / writing music for me. It’s all great. I think that’s why I’ve been able to stick with it for so long. It’s very rewarding playing now. All the hard work of learning is in the past. I now can freely play as if the piano is an extension of my body.

My biggest achievements to date: Opening for Sons Of Zion with my old band FinRahZel, Winning 1st place for smoke free rock quest for the Taranaki region. 50+ streams for my original music on Spotify and playing my first original music gig in Auckland for Breaking Sound in Auckland December 2023.

How does X-ZONE help you to achieve your goals?

For a lot of my gigs, I’m required to play for 4 hours + with little to no breaks. My forearms tend to ache quite a bit by this point. With X-ZONE, I can recover much more quickly and am able to play much more comfortably during these long, intensive gigs.


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