Welcome to our blog series on X-ZONE's suppliers! We're excited to spotlight the local businesses and communities that help bring our products to life. At X-ZONE, we are committed to supporting local suppliers, ensuring sustainable practices, and celebrating the unique contributions they make to our innovative product ranges. Join us as we explore their inspiring stories!


A company dedicated to the time-honored traditions of Māori plant medicine, rooted in a deep understanding of rongoā māori. Since 2019, Tutu have been passionately developing their range of natural products. Each creation is testament to a commitment to simple, effective medicine crafted with tikanga (customs) and aroha (love).

TUTU RONGOĀ MĀORI take pride in small-batch production, ensuring that every remedy is meticulously crafted. Ingredients are sustainably harvested, reflecting their respect for Papatūānuku (Mother Earth). This careful process not only preserves the potency of the rākau (plants) but also honors the traditions that have been passed down through generations of healers.

Tutu's dedication to excellence is evident in the rigorous testing and refinement of their products. They place deep trust and reliance on the advice and feedback of whānau (family) and friends, whose experiences help perfect each remedy. This collaborative approach ensures their plant medicine is both effective and trustworthy.

Looking ahead, Tutu is excited to continue their rongoā māori journey, committed to expanding their knowledge, product range and brand. Their long term vision includes the development of kai (food), rongoā (medicine), and putiputi (flower) maara (gardens), which will further enhance their already powerful offerings.

In late 2022, Tutu opened their flagship store, Whare Tutū, a space where they share the beauty and efficacy of Māori plant medicine with the wider community.
Join them as we embrace the wisdom of our ancestors, fostering wellness and connection through the power of rongoā māori.

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